About Me

Background Information

Leeanne is an artist who resides in the mid Blue Mountains Australia. She is intrigued by the shapes and patterns found in nature. For example; native orchids, waterfalls and Scribbly Gum Tree. 

Coming to Australia from Belfast Northern Ireland as a child she recalls being very gullible. For instance her cousins took her bushwalking and told her to beware of the 'Drop Bears' and 'Yowies'.

Leeanne enjoys producing art that explores motherhood, identity and a bit of humour along the way. There will often be large eyes in the artwork to represent the 'Drop Bears' and other characters that reflect funny life experiences. 

One example is where her son described writing about a bird that was not angelic in a school narrative task.

Due to the story telling nature of Leeanne's work she always sketches her ideas first then interprets them on canvas and wood panel. 

The work is mostly abstract expressionist and art/brut and is influenced by Davida Allen, John Olsen, Ian Fairweather, Lee Krasner, Willem De Kooning and Jean Dubuffet.

Leeanne is a qualified high school teacher who enjoyed teaching in remote areas. This is where she developed a strong attachment and interest in Aboriginal people and their culture.

After several years as a teacher Leeanne took time out to raise her 4 lovely children.  Now that the children are grown she is extremely focused on her art. 

She often gains positive feedback from her children and husband. This inspires her to keep developing her style from her home studio in the Blue Mountains.

My Medium

I use many different mediums, such as acrylics, oils, pastels, ink, texture paste, house paints and paper mâché.

I am very interested in exploring how different mediums react when combined.